Backup your ZHA/HUSBZB-1 stick and even seamlessly migrate to a new stick without re-pairing!

I have not implemented SiLabs backup yet in the service - it’s available on Zigpy so it’s posible, but I have a ZNP based system.

I bet that Elelabs would be willing to donate a couple of Silabs adapters if you be interested in adding it:

They indirectly contribute to the community by providing tools/firmware and sponsoring with hardware:

PS: Official “Home Assistant Yellow” formerly “Home Assistant Amber” will have Silicon Labs hardware:

:wink: . I’m sure that SiLabs would prefer to be a “Design in” on products I do professionnally.

It’s not only a question of having the equipment (I could probably hack a LIDL gateway which I believe is based on a SiLabs chip), but more a question of time - especially debugging - and of potentially breaking my home setup, or setting up other systems just for testing.

So maybe I’ll add the code some day, but I add(ed) the tools that seem useful to me (which is an important motivator when doing it “for free”).

I added bellows/ezsp backup to zha-toolkit, but as far as I gather from a quick examination of the video a newer version of bellows is needed to backup to the open-coordinator-format.

Some kind of backup was confirmed by @bartem Weird error · Issue #1 · mdeweerd/zha-toolkit · GitHub so it’s promising.

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I believe you tagged the wrong “bart” … I’m assuming you mean the one in the GitHub issue?

Yes, I assumed that you were the one from the GitHub issue ;-).


Just so I am clear. this method above will not let you backup conbee based zha and restore to the same conbee based zha?

Not yet but some ZHA/zigpy developers are working on universal backup and restore support for all zigpy radio libraires via a new “zigpy-cli” tool. Read more about it in here:

Testers testing it have confirmed that the patches in the mentioned pull request works with ConBee:

There is also more related discussion about ZHA backup and restore features in a request thread here:

Suggest that all of you vote in that request thread to help indicate interest in such a feature in ZHA’s UI.