Backups Using Home Assistant Cloud

It’s great that HA does an automatic backup, but if we could sync that backup to the HA Cloud, that would be perfect!

How big are your backups?

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It would be a nice feature I’m sure Nabu Casa guys are already working on it :wink: In meantime you still have quite few options to backup including Nextcloud or even Google Drive for the worse solution :slight_smile:

There is also a way to automatic backup on Samba share to a NAS :wink:

Just to be clear, none of these solutions back up “to” the cloud storage.

They all perform the normal backup to the local drive (SSD, HD or SD) and then copy the file to the remote storage.

I submitted an FR suggesting that we have the ability to back up directly to the offline storage, saving all that IO and putting the file somewhere which won’t be unavailable or corrupted when we go to do the restore.

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