Bad Zigbee connectivity, how to improve?

Hello all,
I’m experiancing bad zigbee connectivity and reach out to you, asking for you to help me fixing the problem. Maybe someone of you had a similiar problem.

I’m using a Conbee Stick and got the devices integrated with ZHA, except for the bulbs. Those are running currently on the HUE Gateway.

Question 1: Do I need the hue gateway? I mean, if I would connect every bulb to the zigbee network I would have in each room at least one more repeater. I think they don’t function currently as a repeater as they’re in the seperate hue network, right?

Question 2: Somehow, devices which are close to the conbee stick are unavailable aswell. They’re only 2 metres away. The Stick is hanging freely with a extension on the door frame.

I got you a picture with my bestes paint skills.


No you don’t. At the moment you have two Zigbee networks and there’s no crossover between them.

Battery-powered devices sometimes report as unavailable after a restart because they only report in at intervals to conserve power, but they should wake as soon as they are triggered - as soon as movement is detected, for example, in a motion sensor.

You may find that things improve if you move the Hue bulbs to the ZHA network - it looks as if you’ll get a much better spread of routers.

The thing about Zigbee is that devices don’t just need “a path” to the coordinator - they need to have a choice of many paths. Routers need to be able to direct each message differently depending on traffic. At the moment it looks as if you have quite a lot of end devices and not many routers.

Also, check that your end devices are known to work with ZHA - there are a lot of buggy ones around.

If you haven’t already looked at them, There are several community guides: