Beacon Mqtt App

I have no GooglePlay services on My phone and I would like to use beacon for presence detection (so no owntracks).
I’ve seen that app is compatible with my phone but it sends on two customisable topic for one beacon:

  • one for enter
  • one for exit

the data pushed on mqtt is only the UID and Major Minor version of the beacon.

looking on the avaiable mqtt presence platforme of HA it seems it cannot be configured out of the box.
Am I right?
How could I do that?

I’ve used Happy-Bubbles with OpenMQTT and a small automation (see below). But it is simply overkill with HA running on Rpi (I’ve used 4 beacons and the amount of data pushed to mqtt broker is huge).

- alias: testble
  initial_state: True
    - platform: mqtt
      topic: 'home/+/BTtoMQTT/+' 
    - service: mqtt.publish
        topic: "happy-bubbles/ble/{{ trigger.topic.split('/')[-3] }}/ibeacon/{{trigger.topic.split('/')[3]}}"
        payload_template: >
            "mac":"{{ trigger.topic.split('/')[3]}}",
            "uuid":"{{ trigger.topic.split('/')[3]}}",
            "tx_power": "c5"

mmm ok seems overkill, anyway this app drains too much battery, so I move to GPSLogger, which works well without Google Play Services and do not drains too much battery


Hi! I have an solution here: Beacon MQTT [Android]

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Alexey I’m trying your app, but it seems it’s not supporting SSL, if I put 8883 as MQTT port I notice SSL issues in the mqtt log file on HA.
The app lacks support for SSL/TLS?


You are right. TLS isn’t implemented yet. Stay tuned on Beacon MQTT [Android].