BedJet's owner requests developers to help them implement IoT as a paid gig

Please see this:

It would be absolutely AMAZING to get BedJet direct integration into HomeAssistant. My bedroom is almost fully automated and I think other BedJet users might be interested in this since it’s a bedroom appliance.

The owner is asking developers to contacting him to work in developing a smart connectivity implementation - I already emailed ESPHome to make them aware - and this is a paid job too.

Anybody with firmware development experience, please give this your consideration, we would all win! Especially if ESPHome was involved :wink: Having MQTT on the BedJet would be amazing!

Not a direct connection but there is a way to connect home assistant to your bedjet. I’m looking into getting a bedjet and seeing this sealed the deal. Also, you should post this on Reddit as well. It may get more visibility.

@Danny2100 I am running that as I speak :wink: I also contributed to a fix to the original code… It works but my ESP32 loses WiFi a lot and then crashes, which means I lose control from HA. But while the ESP32 works it’s very reliable!

I’m looking at the chili sleep pro dock and it runs off an esp32 and appears to have wifi issues as well, some of it may be an app issue. Because it’s so new I don’t think anyone has reverse engineered the API as I don’t think it’s local.