Beginers question!

Hello everyone!
I’m new to home assistant and I do have few questions.

I have been able to install Hass os on a old hp chromebox (cb1-019).

I getting familiar with the integrations and now, I would like to had some smart light switches.

Do I need hubs with Hass? It might sounds like à dumb question but since I’m a beginer I was wondering if Hass could manage everything with any hub required


If the switch (or dimmer module) is wifi and home assistant is on your network, no.

Many people use smart home specific mesh network protocols. The two most popular are zwave and zigbee. You’d need to get a radio (usb stick) of some form to use either of those, and then buy hardware that uses that (e.g. a zwave plus lamp module). It’s possible to use home assistant in place of some “consumer” hubs, e.g. I am using some hue bulbs without a hue hub as they are zigbee and I have a zigbee usb stick for home assistant.

In the future I recommend naming your threads something more descriptive. :slight_smile:

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It depends. For things like Zigbee and Z-Wave you need either a hub (just say no) or a USB stick to provide the radio. For other integrations, such as Insteon you need a hub.

To Dolore’s point about your post title, I suspect you skipped the sticky post. It’s worth taking the time to read that.


Thank you @Dolores for the quick answer and sorry for the post title ! I’ll pay attention next time !

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