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Morning All,

Before i take the jump on to HA i wanted to see if the following worked with HA and was wondering if anyone would know

Sonoff/eWelink devices - motion sensor, button, door sensor, led strip
Calex light bulb
Broadlink TC3 light switch & hub
BG Smart sockets
TCP Smart plugs
Eufy Doorbell

Thank you in advance

If the Sonoff/ewelink devices are ZigBee then these will work well. I have some of these. You will need a ZigBee coordinator.

I don’t have experience of the other items.

I believe the Sonoff stuff can work via the ewelink addon but most flash the wifi stuff with Tasmota or ESPhome. The later being easier these days.

TCP stuff works

I have a Broadlink bulb which works so I guess the sockets will.

I’ve added some links:

  1. Sonoff/eWelink devices - motion sensor, button, door sensor, led strip
  2. Calex light bulb
  3. Broadlink TC3 light switch & hub
  4. BG Smart sockets
  5. TCP Smart plugs
  6. Eufy Doorbell

Hi @STUKguy, welcome to the forum.

Would you not start with HA if some of them don’t work and go for another solution (or not start with it at all)?
I think it’s fair to say that by selecting HA it’s the best bet but I cannot speak for other platforms since I started my home automation adventure right away with HA and have not regretted it a sec and I’m convinced about it’s possibilities.
I have seen posts about users switching (back) to something else, mainly - I think - because of not finding their way and I guess it’s also the other way around.

I don’t know your level of knowledge and/or experience in this matter but be prepared that it can be a steep learning curve and reading/searching a lot, depending on how far you want to go to automate stuff in your house.
Don’t be scared off by this, many of us have gone the same path.

Just my advice for a beginner, keep calm, start off little by little and enjoy the ride! :wink:

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Hey, Thank you for your reply.

I have been using smart home devices for awhile now but like a barbarian i have been using Alexa routines to manage them, but now i have hit a wall with the routines i have a sonoff switch which not till after buying i found was not supported by the Alexa app but was supported in the HA device (found that out last night) i did a google search on the rest of the items and i got some confusing results and thought before i jump in an rip my remaining hair out i would ask in the forum.

But thank you i think i will take it in my stride and see if HA can give me the home automation i need :slight_smile:

Hey @EdwardTFN, Thank you so much for your help not sure why HA people are made out to be devil people. Anyway thank again nearly got everything working except number 3 followed the instruction and fell on my face (so to speak) but have posted a question in the forum asking about my problem.

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I saw your message over there… Hopefully you will find a solution soon…

And enjoy your new Home Assistant!

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