Beginner's help with unsupported component

I am trying to set up an unsupported component in my Home Assistant; namely a Mi|Home plug. I have created a sensor called ‘kitchen_speakers’ as a mqtt platform and I can change the state using mosquitto_pub. I’m now confused as to how I make a ‘switch’; is this a separate thing entirely or do I point the ‘switch’ at the sensor? I’ve managed to create a webhook in IFTTT and I can turn the plug on and off by firing the relevant payloads through the IFTTT service. However pulling together the instructions, the awareness of the plug and the switch UI is completely bamboozling me, I have searched around to see if I can find an example but no such luck.

I’m really hoping that the Mi|Home platform gets a component soon, it does have an API.

Thanks for any advice, I am really looking for pointers to concepts for now, I am ok with playing around with the syntax in the configuration files. I have watched a few Bruh Automation videos, but they seem to be either covering the stuff I know or way beyond where I am at the moment.

…and of course the minute I post this I find something in the feature requests that helps;