Best Ceiling fan for HA

I have one of the Tuya-controllable fans and I use the zooz Zen76 set in “Smart Switch” mode so that it doesn’t actually cut the power to the light/fan. Then I use scenes to manage what the switch actually controls (e.g. regular tap turns the light on/off, double tap turns the fan on/off, and hold turns both on/off).

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There is a lot of information in these posts but I am still a bit confused.
I want to replace 3 existing ceiling fans (with lights) that are currently controlled by 300 series Zwave switches for the fans and more recent Zwave switches for the fan lights.
I have pre-ordered Inovelli Zigbee wall switches to replace the 300 series Zwave switches, though no idea when I will actually receive these.
Ideally I’d like to get bladeless ceiling fans but I am not sure that these can be controlled by my existing wall switches. I have read about Bond but I believe that this would make my wall switches obsolete, which would make my wife unhappy.
Can anyone give me some suggestions ?

How does the temperature in the room correlate to the speed of a fan that’s only moving air? Fans don’t change the temperature of the air. The environmental factors that determine how you feel with or without a ceiling fan on or off are so variable it’s virtually impossible for your house to know when you actually need a fan on. I had attempted to create at the very least a “fan season” which would be set by a comparison between exterior and interior temperature variances, but it’s imperfect at best. From one day to the next, the same temperature in the same house might feel completely different.

During my sleeping hours, home assistant aggregates all the temperature sensors in the room. If the temp is below x, reduce fan speed by 20% unless fan speed is 20% (I never want the fan speed to turn off). It continues to do that each hour and adjust the fan if needed. The use case is generally when the seasons are changing and the room temp is able to dip below the temp that the AC is set at due to outdoor temperature. This automation prevents me from waking up with a fan at 80% if the temp has dropped below where the AC normally keeps it.

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This may help.

I am so grateful for this comment! This sealed my decision.

I did a lot of research on smart fans recently, end decided to buy 6 Carro Aspen fans, which are Tuya-compatible. I think Carro also sells them under the model name Ascender.

I will install them along with Zooz ZEN32 Scene Controller that will be set in Smart bulb mode, which will disable the relay and ensure the fan does not get reset by losing power. Planning to map the 5 buttons on the scene controller to replicate functions from the remote control.

For reference:

Smart bulb mode: disable relay and control the light via Z-Wave