Best Deadbolt for use with HA?

Hi all,

I’ve been searching for some time for to purchase a pair of deadbolt for use in my automations.
I currently also own a Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which factors into some of my decisions.
I also use a lot of ZWave in my setup, have no zigbee at this time.

So far I’ve been looking at Lockitron and Kwikset Kevo.
Both of these products also integrate natively with my Ring Doorbell, using the Ring+ which is great.

Lockitron seems to be a great product, but appears plagued by mismanagement, according to their forums.
Lockitron also appears to be natively operable via HA, which is a bonus.

Kwiksets Kevo also appears to be pretty nice, and the 1st Gen Locks are quite affordable, but I do wonder about compatibility between HA and either 1st/2nd Gen Kevo.
I have not been able to find any local integrations, but there is a reported working installation in the forums that I’m interested in.

There are quite a few contenders out there, this appears to be a young industry, lots of startups.
At this point I’m looking all other options, but Lockitron and Kevo are my top picks.

I’m interested to know:
Does anyone have any experience with automated Deadbolt with HA?
What was your experience?
Any models or brands you would recommend?
ZWave/Zigbee/RF433 integration?

Thanks anyone.

Assuming that you mean deadbolt locks, I’ve been quite happy with Schlage.

I have mine installed via Wink, but you could easily install it via direct ZWave. I used Wink because it gives me access via AndroidWear which is extremely convenient for me.

It’s solid and reliable and once I got it paired in, I haven’t had an issue in the two plus years it’s been installed.

This is the one I am using:

Thanks, I’ll look into those.

I don’t currently have any other integrated systems like Wink, just HA on a RPi3.

Do you know if its transparent?

Like I said, it’s primarily a ZWave lock. I just use Wink because:

  1. I have it, might as well use it
  2. It was MUCH easier for me to get it into HA via Wink as I didn’t have a separate ZStick at the time
  3. The AndroidWear widget is too useful to me to move it from Wink to the ZStick like I’ve done with other ZW devices. I use it to regularly to lose it.

But there are plenty of threads here about Schlage locks and getting them paired with ZWave and HA.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

I use the schlage sense with an apple TV to link with HA. I like schlage as it has the outside keypad as a backup for my HA auto unlock. I don’t have zwave but if i did, i would have went with the connect as rpitera. (bot my schlage sense on craigslist and I had a ATV so i went with it)

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Yeah; I really like mine and the attributes available to HA make it great to program automations.

Since there’s a binary sensor for each key code, you could set a greeting or script based on the user and trigger it anytime the code is used. I live alone so I don’t do this but may set it up just to greet me so I feel good. LOL


I have the same hardware (schlage sense lock + apple tv) but I haven’t figured out how to connect that to Home Assistant. Can you share how you did it? I’d love to auto-unlock the front door based on HA presence.


you have to use homebridge

Can you deploy homekit without an apple ecosystem? Outside of HA, I’m primarily Android, Rokus and a Samsung q70dt