Best most powerful zigbee stick?

LAN Version is working in 2 modes:

  • USB(you need only top board without WT32-ETH01)
  • LAN( you need Fully Assembled version)

If you get without WT32-ETH01,then you can use it like USB Stick only,when you will get your WT32-ETH01 then you can attach it and will work over LAN also.
So basically you are flexible.

Ok, then is it possibel to add this WT32-ETH01 to my order and pay it that 15 USD somehow?

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DM me please on tindie.

Ok, go there.

Ordered the zigstar V4, looking forward to setting it up!

update; received, works very well. Plug and play combined with zigbee2mqtt and awesome reception.

Very fast delivery to the Netherlands, ordered the 9th of November received on the 13th of november, Thanks.

I’ll hope the transtion from a cc2531 is going that smooth as ordering one, I’ll drop here my experience.

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