Best set up

Hey all I’m somewhat new to this but hope I can get some help.

I have been running home assistant is for a couple years. First on a raspberry pie which I had the sr card die twice, and now it’s been on a windows PC I don’t use running on virtual box. I also have a plex media server on the same PC to stream videos from the internal hard drive. I use a couple add-ons primarily just node red.

Home assistant crashes daily in virtual box and I need advice on how I should set this up so I can maintain the use of home assistant and plex. Looking for an easy (ish) way to set up for someone who’s bo computer scientist. I have over 50 smart device mostly tuya and some TP-Link, lots of Google.

Appreciate your help.

Hey there, welcome to the loony bin! :slight_smile:

I’d suggest using not Windows, but rather Linux (Debian or Ubuntu) as a basis. Windows is comlplicated to use as a server (laymens terms) and you’ll find at least ten times more tutorials for Linux. I’d strongly advise, if you take that route, to take a look at the fantastic scripts from @Tteck for installing Proxmox as host and PLEX and HomeAssistant with the corresponding scripts:

And here you can find some great tutorials on how to install/use these scripts:

That would be my best bet for a stable system. And it’s also the way I’m running my little homeserver. :slight_smile:


Feel free to give this thread here a read so we can help you (better).

:one::three: Share the logs :raised_hands: …and maybe work a bit on your :seven: Title which probably falls into the category “ugly” :wink: