Best way to create dedicated zwave instance

I’ve made some quick and dirty changes to your file now. It works with 0.94 now.

For everyone who doesn’t know how it works now.
Create a folder named “mqtt_control” under the “custom_components” folder. Create and manifest.json under the newly created folder.

Copy the contents to the files from following link.

there is a hassio addon called zwave2mqtt that even supports autodiscovery since the last update.
This would solve my original problem. However, I found out that thermostats are not really well supported. They have to be manually added with a special config to zwave2mqtt which is not apparent or easy to do for the average user. Since I use mostly thermostats, I was not too keen on doing that.

So I tried out a different solution I came across recently which seems to work very good:

It is a custom component that is much more elegant than mqtt based stuff. It grabs the states from one or more remote HA instances and forwards local service calls to the remote instance. No need to configure devices on the master instance. :slight_smile:

Let’s see how stable it works in the long run…