Best way to detect that room is empty?

I have an automation where if the motion sensor does not detect motion after 15 minutes then the tv and lights automatically turn off.

The problem is sometimes the misses is so still she doesn’t set it off at all being in the room so everything goes off and I get in trouble.

Is there a fool proof way around this? I was thinking of a 2nd sensor outside the room so as if no movement is detected in the tv room but movement was detected in the hallway it would by logic mean that they have left the living room, however there are 3 people and a cat so this may also not work?

Even better but I’m not sure if possible would be for the TV to flash up with a message reminding you to move and also on the phone :rofl:

I had the same problem but in a kitchen. Those miss’es are sneaky!

Solved w/ mmWave. mmWave Presence Detection - ESPHome style

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Awesome. I’ll take a read of your thread

One thing I did was make the lights dim slightly (enough to be noticeable but not enough that it was a drastic change) a minute or two before they were set to go off. the person would still need to trigger the motion sensor to reset but at least now we have a heads up the lights are about to turn off

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That’s quite a simple yet genius answer. I might look into that or to flash the bulbs on off.