Best way to install Home Assistant with linux desktop and proxmox(?)

I want to run a full linux (probably debian) desktop, home assistant and a small local file server on the same computer (nuc or equivalent). There seem to be a number of possible installation procedures: (note:all will use supervised home assistant)

  1. Install Proxmox, add a desktop to Proxmox, install Home Assistant in a Proxmox container;

  2. install Debian with desktop, install Proxmox, install HA in docker under debian

  3. install Debian with desktop, install Proxmox, install HA in a Proxmox container

  4. install proxmox, install HA in a Proxmox container, install debian with desktop in a Proxmox container.

In all cases, I would install the local file server in a proxmox container.

Which of the above is the best way to install? which should I avoid because it may cause problems (or not run right)?

Note: as an experiment, I installed 1) above…just to see if the desktop worked…and yes, I have both cinnamon and gnome desktops available just adding them to Proxmox which is debian based…but I really haven’t tested out the installation to see if everything works. Before I go any farther, I would like to understand why one of the install procedures is better than the others. Piecing together what I’ve found, it seems that 4) is the way to go.

The “best” solution is the one that serves you the most.

In all the options listed you will be able to migrate your HA easily to any other solution.

As for the host, my 2c is if you’re installing Proxmox regardless, why not have your Debian host on a hypervisor so that way you can back up the VM easily?

I would just run HA in docker straight on your linux host and skip the virtualization stuff.

Same reply as I gave you on Facebook, with some added info.

Install Debian and HA Supervised with no other software to the Debian OS and you will have a supported install of HA Supervised.

Install Proxmox and the HA OS as a VM, gives you an image based supported install almost identical to a Pi, but allows you to run other VMs, like Ubuntu or Debian to install other software without effecting HA.

Bad idea, Containerized HA is known to cause problems and no recommended by the Devs.


Keep it simple. Install an OS (Debian or Proxmox) then install HA (OS on Proxmox, Supervised on Debian)

HA core runs great in a container and is a fully supported way of running it:

I wasn’t referring to HA Container.

I was replying to this specifically. Installing HA via an LXC container in Proxmox is known to cause issues.