Best Z-Wave dongle for Raspberry Pi 4

Sorry I wasn’t making myself clear.

I have been struggling getting my AEON Labs ZW090 Z-Stick Gen5 to work for HA on my new Rasberry Pie 4. But as some people told, it works when connecting the stick to a USB 2.0 hub instead of directly into the Pie 4 USB port.

But after getting the Lock installed and I can see it under the Z-wave Node Management, I don’t know what to do to get it work.

I assume I need to prepare it somehow, but I don’t know how?

Getting a bit off-topic, but you need to add it as a secure node. I think this is otherwise best left to a different topic.

@Baldissera, I agree with @jkajadfpjuq2 you really need to start a new topic with a heading describing your issue AND the lock you are dealing with. Then the best qualified people with knowledge of your particular Lock can help you.

off course, sorry for the OT

Use an unpowered usb 2.0 hub.

I get more and more problems with my stick.

Connect with a non powered hub to RPI4… after reboot stick is gone…
Unplug from hub and put back in again… not working
Try it 30 times and after 31 time heeee… its back again… now I can do a docker reboot homeassistant
to load everything correct again…

I get crazy about this BAD BAD stick

I would recommend going with the most generic stick possible. They are directly upgradable from Silabs firmware and therefore are much easier to maintain and replace. Aeotec spend too much of their time customizing their z-wave and add nearly no value, instead they are preventing you from upgrading it down the road for lack of maintenance and are charging you more money for it. My gen5 z-stick has been in its box and I never use it. Maybe I should sell it. Go with a homeseer stick which is the same as the Everspring, Silabs etc… Second choice would be the razberry/uzb which are reasonably well maintained.

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All can connect directly on RPi4 ? Because then I will trow away my Aeotec as well…

Yes they all do.

I also highly recommend to be very careful with USB hubs. A lot of them (cheap ones especially) are unshielded and emit RF noise which… reduce the range of the stick… and add inefficiency and more hops to your zwave network. I have seen significant improvement on my setup by inserting the usb stick into a USB extension cable and keeping it away from whatever controller you use (rPi or in my case a vera)

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Thanks for the info. If the Aeotec stick is working then its fast and very stable… Sensors are so fast. Wall switches as well… But when I need a reboot I gonna cry already before I did a reboot now…

Thank you for the info. What stick is your first choice?

I am going to be really on the edge here with a lot of resellers but…:

This is actually what they are all buying from silabs and then relabelling/rebranding. Depending on what region you are in, you may need a different frequency.

This is the european version:

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Thanks… Yes here in Netherlands we use 868.42 MHz :slight_smile:

I got you covered… after editing my previous post.

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Aeotec is a Z-Wave Plus stick does it matter if I use the one you show me?
Im not to much into Z-Wave background… haha

These are z-wave 500… AKA zwave Plus.

zwave 300 = standard zwave
zwave 500 = zwave plus
zwave 700 = upcoming series, not quite developed and supported yet.

Thank you so much for all the info…

I think I will spend 28 euro and remove all Z-Wave Devices, add them again… 1 more time headache but then no more problem with rebooting… and I can remove the hub between RPi4 and the stick :smiley:

Maybe a extension cord to put the stick far away from the RPi …

I just posted this in case people would be interested:

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1 Short question. The stick arrive Thursday :). out of the box i can use it as Z-wave Stick?
Plugin in … it will connect to /dev/ttyAxx and running in HA.

I was reading the website and see all kind of things of SDK, programming stick… etc… haha

Yes it will.
It will have a firmware version already loaded, most likely 6.81.x.
I can provide an upgrade procedure if needed. It is valid for all of these generic sticks.
You will see it show most likely as /dev/ttyACM0


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