Best Z-Wave dongle for Raspberry Pi 4

I have this one… before the Aerotec stick. didn’t work directly on RPi4.
The one on the link work directly on RPI4 without hub workaround

Paul and other HA gurus on this thread…

I stumbled across this issue last night when migrating from my Pi 3 to my Pi 4 setup. Lots of learning on the migration from Pi 3 to Pi 4, i found some older threads really useful, chipped in with my updates so it’s out there for others to use.

Anways…coming to the point…lol. I’ve been using the Aeotec Gen 5 USB controller for a while now with the Pi 3, obviously it won’t work with the Pi 4. I had this USB 2 hub lying around, but it still won’t show up. I can see in dmesg that its detected as a ttyUSB0 but then when i check using SSH there’s nothing in /dev/. So quite lost…

Am i doing something wrong? Is there a specific type of USB hub i should be looking for instead?

Appreciate the support folks. Thanks!!!


Reports are it needs to be a powered USB 2.0 hub (that is left unpowered, ie fed from the pi only) and it needs plugging into a USB 2.0 port on the pi (a black one)
I used to use the aeotec stick too, the current one is an everspring plugged directly into the USB 2.0 port

I am using the Amazon Basics USB 2.0 Hub with the Gen5 Z-Stick. I haven’t encountered any issues.

Ooh…interesting. Thanks a ton Muttley.

So i will pick up a powered 2.0 USB hub but use it in an unpowered mode on the Pi (2.0) USB ports and report back.

Anyone else has any other experiences worth sharing?


Thanks Cab426. Appreciate the response mate.

Am based in Melbourne, Australia…looked it up on Amazon’s (ripoff/crappy) website here and can’t find it.

Anyways…the search continues… :stuck_out_tongue:


Also 1 reason to change to Sigma ZWave Stick. This one can add directly on a RPi4 without hub.
No fancy design but full Zwave Compliance

Waiting on 700 series to be adopted but will be upgrading to a Sigma standard at that point. No use in spending the money to upgrade to an older chipset, and not to mention having to rebuild my network. Z-Stick was actually purchased when I was using Vera as my controller but needed to upgrade my Multisensor firmware. I was frustrated with Vera and that was the path of least resistance at the time.

There is very little in the way of new “features” for controllers with the 700 Stick. Most of the “enhancements” are going to be around devices. So I don’t think you gain very much with 700 series controllers.

In order to leverage the “enhancements” of a 700 series device, will a 700 series controller be required?

I haven’t dug deep on the differences, just what Aeotec published.

Not Really. Maybe RF range but if you have a decent mesh, it shouldn’t matter.

hello, looks like aeotec has updated there gen 5 stick to work with rpi4.

Has anyone tried this new stick yet?

If it was mentioned in here I missed it, but I’ve been super happy with my zooz stick. As with everything I own made by zooz, the price was right, it functions as expected, and the customer support is great.

I am using the USB stick. Gets frequent SDK updates and directly supported.


I ordered Z-Stick Gen5 from Bought EU version. It works fine out of box on a RPi4B.

The new stick works fine in a Rpi4…the older stick just requires a USB 2 (not 3) hub…unpowered is fine. There is no reason to sell your old stick and buy the new one…

Is it possible to use the backup functionality of the Aeotech Gen 5 before 2020 to transfer the configuration of the old stick to the Aeotech Gen 5 2020 (Raspi 4 compatible) without loss. I don’t want to newly pair 80 devices (partly in-wall).

Yes it is. I’ve done this: backed up an older Aeotec Gen 5 Z-Stick and restored it to a new Aeotec Gen 5 Plus Z-Stick, using the software here.

And here is a step-by-step guide:

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Thank you so much for this! the “U” is designating north american frequencies right?

I suppose yes. The details are in the description though.