[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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Maybe you could customize more the icon, but ha client must have its own icon


Not sure if that is true. For example the official iOS app uses the official Home Assistant logo. If there are plans on trying to make this the officially supported Android app I don’t see why the official logo couldn’t be used. It would probably be best to reach out on the Home Assistant dev discord and ask what that process would look like.


Looks good, great work!
Is there some security for the app such fingerprint or pin login?


Not yet, but you can create a feature request for this on github


Version 0.3.8 is rolling out:

  • Fix settings not saved issue
  • Fix cover buttons


Can you add custom cards support for Loveloce UI please?



Unfortunately, it is not possible to support all custom cards at once. Custom Lovelace cards is an HTML with JS and requires HA web UI JS to work. It is possible that I will add support of some most popular or most requested custom cards in a future.


I’m curious. You are using GitHub for issue management, but I don’t see any code there. Are you planning on keeping this closed source? If so, could you explain the reasons why and if you have discussed this with paulus, robbie (HA iOS mobile), and/or others? If it is open source, could you let us know what repo you are using? I LOVE the idea that there is energy going into a native Android client and perhaps get close to parity with the iOS stuff - but keeping the source closed would really fly in the face of what HA is. Hoping I’m missing something here rather than a desire to keep it closed.


This has already been discussed in this thread. It isn’t available at the moment but he plans on releasing it in the future.


I’m not sure I saw that discussion. I saw a post where the author said “I’m thinking about it” and then not a whole lot else. I think I’ll watch from the sidelines at this point until that gets clarified.

The Home Assistant Podcast #35 discuss the pitfalls of mobile development and why Android should probably go a different route with progressive web apps (PWAs), HTML5-based push notifications, and cloud-based location services. It’s what I’m running and I already have both Original UI and Lovelace UI with standard and custom cards, push notifications, and battery-friendly, cloud and/or MQTT based, location services.

But good luck - seems there’s a lot of energy here. Hope it bears fruit.


I’ll have to listen to that podcast. Sounds interesting since I am a mobile dev.


It’s pretty good. The biggest drawback is the developers obvious bias towards iOS since so much of what the iOS app does is already possible with PWAs which work very well on Android.


Ironic isn’t it, you wouldn’t think an iPhone user would ever get any more adventurous than Hue bulbs and their app :slight_smile:


Hi @jeffh0821
I will make it open source very soon, I think.
I recently spoke with Paulus and he provided me a list of requirements to the app to become an official one. This requirements is way too complicated and I don’t think I will meet them all. But definitely HA Client will be open source.


My camera in Lovelace are as entity pictures. When I click on them (in Lovelace) they expand, and I can see the camera view.
Is it possible to have same behavior in HA Client?


Yes, but in future releases


Does the app work on LAN only or do i need open port for remote access?

Will you add actionable notifications?


If you want to have remote access, the port should be opened just like for regular web ui.
And yes, actionable notifications is planned




The media_player can’t still be controlled, correct?. I do see them, when I click on them I receive all infos about it, but I can’t control (not on-off, not volume, etc…)