[BETA] HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

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I have a small suggestion: when viewing the history of an element, preselect the current (latest) status instead of the oldest status (which can be many days ago).


Please create a feature request for this in GitHub. Thanks.
Also note that you can tap right on the graph to select some period.


History should be rebuild to more clear for user. Now when device is often on and off , that in history show small section when is on when off. History in my opinion is not clear view for user. Maybe good option will be set select some period… or maybe better will be show as list scroll ? hmmm


I don’t really like it as well )


Someone’s been busy.

Almost feel bad asking for more.

Just Picture elements card and history graph card to cover all my uses.

Great work.


So HA Client is in open beta now. No need to join Google Group any more, you just need to register for testing by this link
Also app icon was updated!


I’ve just checked from different Google account. Looks like to install beta version you don’t neet event to register in testing. The app is searchable in Google Play


The app is great, but this is far from true.

I’d love to see the History and Logbook integrated. Actionable notifications would be great as well.

Is there any way we can support this app? I’d like to at least buy it. What you have so far is stable and really fast, congrats on achieving this robustness.


I was excited to try to use the app but it doesn’t work for me.
I’m using hass on port 8123 but behind haproxy running on port 443 with letsencrypt certificate.
the log of the app show me an error CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED


I’m just planning to add a ways to support development. Thanks.


Please report an issue to GitHub. Thanks.


I don’t know what else does it need that is truly important: it covers the front-end need in 99% of the cases (based on current HASS development).
. A front-end program should be minimal, very fast, and have most of the front-end functionality: HA Client has already all of this. I wish to giive a smartphone with HA CLient to my little daughter and wife, and they should enjoy it, because is intuitive and fast.

history and logboog is not something I would need in a front-end program, those are debugging tools, you should look at them in your desktop/laptop, or if you really need in mobile just use your chrome browser, why duplicate that in HA client, makes no sense to me

p.s. what it really needs, but this depends on HASS, is true per user experience: basically different ui-lovelace file per user


What I do wish to have is

  • TIMER and SCHEDULER, as explained in github. Something that HASS does NOT natively provide, but a front-end should have.
  • per user experience, also this is not yet available in HASS: for each user a different front-end. I do not care about permission, I would be fine just with a different ui-lovelace per user

p.s. and yes picture-elements card, but thats just because of cosmetic, it makes the program cool to show to friends :wink:


Please keep the front-end simple: there are already other apps with tons of features (half of them not working or buggy lol), and for full access to HASS there is still the browser access.

What is excellent of your app is its cleanness and robustness and to me the feeling of a true front-end app
(I would even take out terminal, editor, config and all those menu that makes it too techie, if somebody need those, they should just open the chrome browser and use HASS front-end).
HA Client should NOT, IMO, be a replacement of the browser access to HASS.


There is now two options to support development of HA Client on a website: http://ha-client.homemade.systems

I don’t want to add payment options to the app. I think it should be free and without “In-app purchases” label.


There’s something wrong with the paypal link @estevez

Other option could be adding a duplicate the app (one being a paid app) it’s great that you want to do this for all of us for free. Thank you.


I don’t know what else does it need that is truly important: it covers the front-end need in 99% of the cases (based on current HASS development).
. A front-end program should be minimal, very fast, and have most of the front-end functionality

That’s your opinion and it’s, of course, valid. But I think that trying to cover all frond-end feature (minus, maybe, the ones aimed for debugging) it’s a reasonable goal.

Of course, this app currently is pretty damn fast and stable, which is exactly why I use it over others with tons of features. But hey, a few more thing here and there would certainly add value. But overall I agree with your reasoning of it being minimal and fast are the top priorities.


Just tried HA Client. Here are my initial observations:

The onboarding process is serviceable but not as effortless as Ariela. I know how to create, copy and paste a Long-Term Token but this might be a hurdle for some users.

It’s fast! Kudos to estevez! It starts faster than what I currently use, namely the web app.

Rendering of my simple UI was about 90% correct. The default font is slightly larger than what is used by the web app so some text wrapped onto another line like this:

Disarmed, Not

In the case of badges, the label wrapped words unnaturally like this:


My Lovelace UI uses the entity-filter card. HA Client doesn’t currently support this card but I appreciate the fact it stated that directly within the UI.

The ability to swipe pages is appreciated.

I like how an entity’s history chart can be examined in detail by tapping the < and > to step through the time periods. Well done!

I have one badge representing an MQTT sensor with device_class: plug. HA Client does not show the associated plug icons (plugged/unplugged), only a black circle within the badge.

If I disable Wi-Fi, HA Client gracefully handles the disconnection by displaying the error and then reconnects without drama when Wi-Fi is restored.


Thanks a lot @123 for your review! I really appreciate this!
Could you please report issues with text and with “device_class: plug” to GitHub? If you don’t have time or just don’t want to do this, I’ll understand and report it myself. Just let me know.


I really don’t have time to solve that issue, I have enough issues in HA Client to solve )) Thanks for trying to support. I’ll remove that button from site for now and think about this later .