Beta Testers Needed For New Air Quality Sensor! The Apollo Automation AIR-1!

Thanks for following up! Glad you got it working.


Unfortunately I keep on experiencing issues with the WIFI reception of the AIR-1. As indicated before: there is a clear line of sight between the AIR-1 and the AP of about 3 metres, but connection remains to be problematic. I ran a test with an AZDelivery ESP32 which was physicallly positioned next to the AIR-1 and connected to the same AP, but the difference in signal strength is quite significant (see graph below) and does explain why the AIR-1 looses connectivity. Like you can see there are quite frequent dips to below -80 dBm. My wifi setup consists of 3 Asus Zenwifi AX XT8 with the AIR-1 tied to either the main router or a wired satellite. The main router is 3 metres away from the AIR-1 (with a thin wall in between) and the satellite has got direct sight and is also 3 metres away.

Am running about 20 ESP devices in my home and only the AIR-1 is loosing connection…

Any tips for improving the wifi connectivity?

Hi Frank,

There was actually a defect on some of the AIR-1s in the last batch that is giving very bad wifi performance. We’ve been discussing it in our discord the last few days with some customers figuring out what was wrong.

We’ve ordered a new batch of PCBs and will send out new boards to anyone affected. It is easy to swap the boards after taking the lid off the sensor. I really apologize these made it out to people.

It’ll take us a couple weeks to get the new boards. In the meantime if you sit the AIR-1 with the hex holes facing the ceiling it should improve the performance.

Did you order from our site or OpenCircuit?


Then I guess I am affected :face_with_peeking_eye:

I did order the board from Open Circuit. Should I contact them?

We’ve got to get them the new boards first. But yeah we’ll either go through them or send directly from us. Sorry about the problem, I wish there was an easier software fix but the problem was on the PCB.


No worries. Will contact them so that they can put my request on the back burner.

I contacted them and OC indicated they didn’t ship spare parts and I needed to contact @ApolloAutomation… So hereby my request for a spare PCB :smiley:

The Air Monitor 2 from Qingping, which has a Sensirion SGP4x VOC sensor also uses the VOC Index and they are showing the scale like this.


That does explain my issues…my air-1 has terrible wifi reception as well, I can’t get it to connect through 1 wooden floor with the wifi access point right above it 2 meters higher.

Hey Rick,

Yes we have replacement options. Looks like you’ve made a ticket with us so we’ll take care of you there.