Blank System Page

As you can see below I do get a blank system page when I navigate through " Settings → System "

Does someone else has the same situation or a solution?

Edit: Did a restore to 2022.9.2 and the System Page is back

Same problem with me…

If you search before posting you may find things like this:

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Me too. Same here system blank page http://home.local:8123/config/system

Same Same, glad to see its not just me

Solved with 2022.9.4

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I upgraded, and I still have the same problem!

Clear your browser cache and reload the page.

Actually, you are right: I did try on a different machine and after refreshing the browser everything showed back

How did you update to 2022.9.4??! I have no notification in the UI.

I had a notification :wink: