Blink doorbell pressed

Hi! I was just trying to make this work on my Blink Doorbell. Can you please elaborate better? I’m just a day-1 user with just a week’s worth of learning. Where can I find this helper?

Not related to this post but is it possible to stream blink camera through HA and record it?
I want to utilize the blink video doorbell to stream and record them for future use. Kindly suggest.

So, folks! I could not believe that Blink does not provide for an entity that will change state when the doorbell is rung. I found a way to work around the issue.

I turned on the “Last Notification” sensor for my mobile phone in the HA-Companion-App. At the bottom of the menu in the app you can pick which apps notifications will be sent on to HA. I picked “Blink”. In HA I then created an automation triggered by the mobile phone’s notification with the attribute “Post Time” (the title of the notification will not work because that is always the same). And I added a condition to the automation. It should only fire, when the attribute “channel_id” of the notification sensor is “channel_ding” and not “channel_motion”.

Now, when the automation gets triggered, I will let my old door bell ring which I connected to a Shelly. And the Tapo Hub will also ring.