Blue Connect pool measurements

Yes, Those configs originate out of mine (also shared on git btw) where I create the switch behavior with esp32.

When i leave the switch on the app won’t connect anymore

When using one of the git configs it will create a switch that you can trigger, something like this:

But the switch is not supposed to constantly be turned on. It should turn back off after it’s taken a reading. I can understand that the Blue Connect probably only allows one client connection. And if the switch remains on, the ESP stays connected. I turn the switch on using an automation every hour and the switch turns off automatically afterwards, then the connection from the app should work.


updated with last value for salt calculation and correction for battery %

The switch turns off after every reading, so in order to trigger the reading, you can simply turn the switch on via automation, then it will be automatically turned off.

That’s the whole purpose of that switch actually.

I’m using a variation of @nitocris configuration.

Yes, I know. I was replying to @Peerke who sounded like he was saying he keeps it on. Mine works just like expected. I turn it on once an hour via automation and the ESPHOME code turns it off after the reading is finished.

I was also thinking that we also have a button entity…the switch looks redundant, we could directly use only the button. Right now it’s only internal, not exposed to HA.

What do you think @nitocris?

UPDATE: I stand corrected: there’s no button.ble_client platform. Sorry for suggesting it.

Values of pH and ORP are in line with the probes of my Hayward system probes (calibrated). Salt looks way too high, I measured it at 3.6g/l with an external probe.

I’m using @ST8 formula for salt. Here’s my complete config:


When compared to Blueriiot app, everything seems in line, except for ORP (I just replaced the Blueconnect probe, it’s brand new):

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where i find this mac adresse?

  blueriiot_mac: !secret blueriiot_mac
  blueriiot_name_prefix: !secret blueriiot_nameprefix
  blueriiot_id_prefix: !secret blueriiot_idprefix

I went out and picked up one of these units last night and got it up and running today. Thanks to all the contributors here!

First, setup your esp32 as a scanner.


  - platform: ble_scanner
    name: "BLE Devices Scanner"

let that run for a few minutes within range of the device while viewing logs.
download the log.
Search the log for 00:A0
that should be your blueriiot device