Blynk Server

Hi guys!
I’m totally new to hassio and I was trying to install a blynk server ( on my raspberry pi with a fresh hassio install… Problem is I read that there’s no way to install java and a jar file. Is that correct?

Simplest way I can think of is using a container.

Thank you!

Any example so I can mimetize the steps? I’m a true newbie… (Maybe with portainer It’ll be easier?)

I was digging into the option of running it as an addon but with no success.

You can use either the Portainer add-on or the SSH add-on. In the first case you can start a container using the ‘mpherg/blynk-server’-image, in the second case you can run the command fabaff linked.

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Managed to install it as an addon. Super slow web interface, anyway X)


Hi I’m a bit late to this but I still couldn’t figure out how to setup the blynk local server on existing hassio on raspberry pi following the instructions…

I tried using Portainer but it didnt let me set up…it got to install but and gives me error and wont start running.
Same goes to ssh add on

Error was saying
standard_init_linux.go:211: exec user process caused “exec format error”

I dont know what I did wrong…
May be I’m using wrong files for this. Which one do I suppose to use?

Any help will be appreciated…thanks