BMW ConnectedDrive component

I can confirm that I also have Connected+ available for my X1 2017 model. Probably something that changed with the new model which launched in June/July last year.

I did the same this afternoon. Maybe that data get’s visible in the CAR EFFICIENCY part, but we indeed have to wait for an email which will be send when the data is available.

Maybe another reference point: Does IFTTT work for you? For me it doesn’t. If it does for you, then clearly my X1 won’t work because it’s lacking something that’s needed.

No I don’t have IFTTT as it is not available in The Netherlands yet as part of BMW Labs.

Doing further research I more and more think it’s old software that I have.

My iDrive looks like this (although with the popout display like in the second picture):

Whereas there seems to be a newer version available that looks like this:

Kinda disappointing having a car with general connective services, but not being able to make full use of it. :frowning_face:

The 2nd picture is the look a like in my X1, but I’ve got an 3GT before with the old UI (1st pic) and the remote services in the Android App worked the same way. May it depends on the software version of the connected drive controller in the car?

you should ask your local bmw dealer…

Just had a talk with customer service, and for other people that are interested in this:
The Connected+ service requires at least the iDrive software version id5.

Mine is id4++, pretty much the last version that’s not supported. So in case anyone else has trouble, that may be the reason if it’s not working properly.

great to see some work done here!! can’t wait to see some of my bmw’s data in home assistant!
i will try to help with testing as far as i can. i’ll start with posting the outcome of the script:

bmw 520d
01/2016 built
all connected services available are booked

good to see remaining fuel and mileage. but nothing else of importance it seems.
what i’d like to control is the “park heating”, starting time ideally based on “google time to work” and “outside temperature” dream

[email protected]:~# ./ -p
--------------START CAR DATA--------------
DCS_CCH_Activation: None
DCS_CCH_Ongoing : None
condition_based_services: 00032,OK,12.2018,348,;00001,PENDING,12.2018,1800,348,28,24;00100,OK,12.2022,50000,1788,56,48;00003,OK,12.2018,348,24
gps_lat: 48.xxxxx
gps_lng: xxxxxx
head_unit: NBT
head_unit_pu_software: 07/14
lastUpdateReason: Error
mileage: 58641
remaining_fuel: 65
unitOfCombustionConsumption: l/100km
unitOfElectricConsumption: kWh/100km
unitOfEnergy: kWh
unitOfLength: km
vehicle_tracking: 1
--------------END CAR DATA--------------
--------------START CAR NAV--------------
auxPowerEcoPro: 1.0
auxPowerEcoProPlus: 1.0
auxPowerRegular: 1.0
driveTrain: konv_diesel
eco: 9c9,3df,30f,1f2,1c5,209,23d,222,254,286,31b
ecoEv: ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd
isoCountryCode: AUT
kAccEco: 13300000
kAccReg: 12250000
kDecEco: 31500000
kDecReg: 35000000
kDown: 17500000
kUp: 13300000
latitude: 48.xxxxx
longitude: 16.xxxx
norm: 9c9,3df,30f,1f2,1c5,209,23d,22e,261,294,32c
normEv: ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd,ffd
pendingUpdate: False
soc: 0.0
socMax: 17.84
vehicleMass: 1980
vehicleTracking: True
--------------END CAR NAV--------------
--------------START CAR EFFICIENCY--------------
characteristicList: [{‘quantity’: 0, ‘characteristic’: ‘CONSUMPTION’}, {‘quantity’: 0, ‘characteristic’: ‘DRIVING_MODE’}, {‘quantity’: 0, ‘characteristic’: ‘CHARGING_BEHAVIOUR’}, {‘quantity’: 0, ‘characteristic’: ‘ELECTRIC_DRIVING’}]
efficiencyQuotient: 0
lastTripList: []
lifeTimeList: []
modelType: PHEV
--------------END CAR EFFICIENCY--------------
--------------START CAR SERVICEPARTNER--------------
businessFax: +43 (1) 740083009
businessPartnerId: 00005675

--------------END CAR SERVICEPARTNER--------------

Do you have a valid subscription for remote services? Are you able to control the heating with the mobile remote app on your phone?

The condition based services didn’t not match in our accounts, as you can see the subscription for service 00001 is marked as pending.

your account:

condition_based_services: 00032,OK,12.2018,348,;00001,PENDING,12.2018,1800,348,28,24;00100,OK,12.2022,50000,1788,56,48;0000`

my account:


Not able to update the iDrive in your car?

I will ask a friend of mine (he got a X4), may i can do some tests with his account.

not sure that i understand your post. question is easy: YES. i can remote control all features (windows, doors, horn, heating) with my mobile phone.
no idea what the rest of your post means ;), and what i can do against/for it.

i just realized that the codes for service subscriptions differs in our accounts, in yours there is a pending status for one service. I have no idea right now which number is for which service.

can you check the post of @danielperna84 and take a look at your software versions in your iDrive?

how would i do that? i googled it, but all i know is how to do the telephone/mulitmedia update. but this surely is a different thing.

I guess you can check in a iDrive menu the software version? Not quite sure, can not check my car right now.

@danielperna84 @gerard33 would be nice if we could use the gps coordinates to build a device_tracker in home assistant. :slight_smile:

That PENDING part is related to the fact that his car needs maintenance/service.
I already made a mapping for the details of these service notifcations so I can show them in HA.

I already have that working on my test HA :grinning:
Also check this post BMW ConnectedDrive component.
I will try to upload some new screenshots this evening. Progress of the component is going allright.

i don’t say you’re wrong, but i can’t imagine this to be true. the car actually HAD maintenance some weeks ago, and the software was updated, as well as oil change and stuff.
any way we can be sure? or anything i can check with my car?

I will check the mapping I have made this evening. At least that part of the api is for service messages.
It looks like the service for that specific part is needed in December 2018, but your output has some more details then mine.
In the meanwhile you could check the BMW app for this

here is a screenshot of my APP. all fine, no service required.
but the information shown seems different then yours. there is no service history, or mileage shown.
EDIT: i checked the car and there is some “wiper fluid” to be refilled. maybe that’s it.
EDIT: i can’t check the idrive version anywhere.

Unfortunately no, my car can’t be updated without replacing hardware. iDrive 5 uses more powerful hardware than iDrive 4. I googled a bit, and there seems to have been some efforts to upgrade, but id5 on id4 hardware runs rather unstable because of the limitations (less RAM, slower CPU). And there also is something with an additional harddrive. With iDrive 5 there seems to be an optional additional harddrive which stores media files. I think to cache media from Spotify etc… Without this extra harddrive the Connected apps have no storage to use, and therefore are not available as well.

Regarding the device tracker:
I once have read, that the remote functions rely on Text-Messages that are sent from BMW to the SIM in the car, which in turn responds with the location data. My assumption would be, that with Connected+ this is different and the car is alway online. For my regular ConnectedDrive though I think polling the location could be a problem. Imagine BMW sending a text to a car every minute. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t like that.
This would need to be confirmed though. It’s been a while since I’ve read that. Back then I was wondering why it took ages to find the location or honk the horn. And it was explained with the wakeup-text that is being used.

I have downloaded the CarData package just now. What’s interesting is, that the lat and lon (location) in there match exactly the value I get when using the script. The thing is: the CarData data tells me this location has been recorded in September 2017. So I’m pretty sure using the location data from the script won’t help. I know that even at the same location GPS coordinates always hop. So sadly even the location data is useless with older iDrive systems.
Another Edit:
Using the location feature in the Connected App manually now has updated the data the script fetches. But using the App to update this is nowhere near pracitcal.

Some screenshots of the current status.