Broadlink IR Media Player (For old, dump TVs)


The first part is already done.
I’ll include Play, Pause and Stop in next revisions.


Thank you so much! Appreciate it if you can do the same to the fan component too. I’m using all 3 components :grinning:


Great update ! The ping option sees the status of the device, really nice.

Could it use also the device tracker status ?


No, you can’t use the device tracker status.
Maybe @masterkenobi suggestion to use value_template is a good idea.


hey dave, I notice you’re using voice control through google home also - do you have control of this media player custom component through voice command?


…or anyone for that matter? I previously had individual switches setup to turn on the TV but since this media_player component has on/off built in, I’m hoping to use this instead (also to change source etc through voice command). But it’s just not getting picked up in the Google Assistant device list after a sync…


I havent yet had a chance to test the latest python file for this component and the old one was crashing my media_player component. Once I test it I’ll be able to let you know


Hey @Vassilis, I’m really excited to try your broadlink component but when I add your repo to Hassio, it just says unknown, maintained by unknown with no packages available. Any tips?

Thank you



How did you add it in hassio? Please note that this is a custom component and not an addon.


@Vassilis Ah I just added the repo thinking it might have been an add-on. I’ll look into how to add it as a custom component ins Hassio :slight_smile:


Working :slight_smile: I’m super happy about the ping integration thank you :slight_smile: much more elegant than something I was working on


Der people.i kniw I’m annoying but is here someone who could build the same for xiaomi chuangir? Media player and ac ? Would be awesome. Chuangir is less expensive looks better and might be an awesome alternative …sure there would be a lot of people using it :wink:


Found my issue, missed the media_player exposed domain in my google assistant config :no_mouth:


Hi @Vassilis

I am wondering will you make fan component to retain the state too? Also when will the Play, Pause and Stop button feature for media player available? Thanks in advance.


Hi @Vassilis, do you plan on contributing this to home assistant officially? It would be incredibly useful and I’m sure a lot of people would make use of it.


No sorry. At least until the new cloud plans are clearer…


I’m sorry to know that the subscription based HA Cloud has make you rethink on contributing to HA. May I know the reason behind this decision? Is it because you feel unfair to contribute something to the community freely while the development team profits indirectly from the project?


Is there a way to select source through voice control (google home mini)? Do we have to create a script or is there something that will work out of the box for the component?


how to get IR codes from the Broadlink app?


I used this tool converting the code? I got from broadlink app (same procedure as Broadlink switch)

is it correct? (Tried 2 was not working, maybe I am doing something wrong)