Browser connection unavailable

Hello everyone,
I started using Home Assistant a few days ago and I am still configuring some smart home products.
Today I installed the SSH Server and connected the Home Assistant to my Google Home. After the connection to my Google Home, I found out that I couldn’t connect to the Home Assistant using my browser anymore.
I tried hassio.local:8123, using the IP address and using the DuckDNS both on my phone and on my computer. This morning they were all working just fine, but now they are unavailable. I can connect using Samba Share and the SSH connection. I can also still see the connected devices in my Google Home app and they are still functioning.
I hope anyone can help me.
If you have any questions, I tried to be as specific as possible but perhaps I missed something.

You missed the thread on how to properly ask questions :wink:

Hi. Im facing the same problem. Does anyone know what might be wrong? I cant log into hass neither by dns nor hass wifi. Restarting rpi helps for some time (few hours). Automations work.

Been seeing the same lately that the web process fails and I have to restart the home assistant server.