Build rest command to send data to

You did not paste the url in HA > developer > Template tab
If the entities resolve ok they should apear in the right column (see screenshots)
Copy the url in the right column with the resolved entities and paste in the browser.

Ah right,

This is what I get:

{"status": "ok", "missing": "Missing telemetry: power, speed, lat, lon, "}

It would appear that I’m missing some parameters?

I also receive the message “400 tlm field missing or is not a loadable JSON” :frowning:

My Link so far:{“utc”:1680772369,“soc”:71.0,“is_charging”:charging,“est_battery_range”:215}

How did you solve it?

Thanks in advance,

just solved while editing my post… :smiley:

The “is_charging”:charging had to be deleted…

Now I get:
{“status”: “ok”, “missing”: "Missing telemetry: power, speed, lat, lon, is_charging, "}

Means SOC is “delivered” to ABRP finally!

Did some one also figure out the other way around ? I have a stable connection with LeafSpy to ABRP, and would like to import the data form ABRP to home assistant…

Hi Willem. I know this is an old thread but was wondering whether you were able to figure this out? I’m trying to get this working with my 2022 Niro but having no luck.

To anyone who might find this thread, I spent a few hours and got this working with my Renault Zoe since Tronity isn’t currently supporting Renault.

I’ll post a snippet at the next opportunity, just wanted to hear if anyone was still interested and if this would be q good opportunity for an ABRP integration for homeasstiant :v:🏼

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This thread helped me setting up my connection between a Skoda Enyaq and ABRP.

My next goal was to have some communications the other way. I wanted HA to know when the battery-level was sufficient, so I could trigger a notification to my phone/watch (when you’re charging your car somewhere underway, you might be wandering around in a shop).

To get the “charging level” from the ABRP-app, use this in your configuration.yaml:

  - resource_template:<API key from iternio>&token=<USER token from ABRP app>
    scan_interval: 30
      - name: "next_charge"
        value_template: "{{(value|from_json)['result']['next_charge']}}"
        unit_of_measurement: "%"

Hello everyone, I have no idea about programming in homeassistant. I would like to read the data from my Smart #1, which I read out via homeassistant, in the “ABRP” app. Can someone please help me

Hi, I own a Renault Megane E-Tech and I am interested. I am going to send several data to ABRP using Home Assistant. I think I already have the necessary code. I just need ABRP to send me the “API key.” Do they usually take a long time?

I write this code in configuration.yaml

    method: POST
      authorization: !secret abrp_api_key (I'm waiting to receive it)
    content_type: "charset=utf-8; application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
    url: >
      {% set tlm = {
      "utc": float(as_timestamp(utcnow())),
      "soc": states('sensor._bateria'),
      "est_battery_range": float(states('sensor._autonomia_de_la_bateria')),
      "is_charging": int(states('binary_sensor._cargando')) > 0,
      "odometer": states('sensor._kilometraje'),
      } -%}{{token}}&tlm={{tlm|to_json|urlencode}}

And I create an automation to update

alias: Actualizar Datos Coche a ABRP
description: ""
  - platform: state
      - sensor._autonomia_de_la_bateria
  - platform: time_pattern
    minutes: /8
condition: []
  - service: rest_command.update_abrp
      token: my_token_from_ABRP_App
mode: single