Building custom module to control switches served by BrematicPRO

I have a Brennenstuhl GWY 433 gateway that communicates signals in 433 MHZ frequency. All the base station needs to receive is an http command that will trigger the action to run on/off a switch. These are taught to the gateway using an app called SteckerPro. These switches are much cheaper

What I want to do is to add devices to Home Assistant that will send on or off command. I think I should be able to capture these with Wireshark or something.

I am actually surprised this support isn’t available when Brennenstuhl Connect is.

Perhaps an implementation for the BrematicPRO gateway could be better. It supports more types of devices including what the other gateway can support.

Seems like someone has already worked on an implementation. Linking it here for anyone else that may need it.