Burningstone's Smart Home Journey

Hi everyone

I discovered Home Assistant around 2 years ago, installed it, played a bit with it, but didn’t really have a need for it at that time. Some Philips Hue bulbs and Dimmers later, I gave Home Assistant another try. This time it got me hooked. I became addicted immediately. This was a bit more than 1 year ago. In this time I started to learn Python, YAML, wrote my own code for automations, etc. and setup a system that works pretty stable and covers my current needs. You can find my current setup here.

Now I will build my whole setup from scratch, add some new features and hardware and you can follow me on this journey. I will keep adding my new configuration and the corresponding documentation continuously to this repo. You may ask, why I do this when I have a stable, running system? First, this will be a documentation that I can use to give me an overview of my system and in worst case (house burnt down + wife lost USB stick attached to key + I lost USB stick attached to key + I lost external drive that I always carry in my backpack, yes I know I’m paranoid :P) help me to setup everything again. Second, I hope that other people can profit from this, learn from my journey, use parts of my config in their own system or at least it helps them to solve one of their issues. And third, my current setup grew quite a lot in complexity. Due to my skills evolving and learning new tricks or methods to do certain things, it became inconsistent in regards to naming and in how and where things are configured and my documentation is lacking heavily.

!!!WARNING!!! I’m by no means a programmer and I don’t work as a professional in IT or something IT related. I’m just passionate about home automation, programming, IoT and technology in general.

Feel free to visit my Github Repo and follow me on my journey.


Is this post part of your 12 step programme? :slight_smile:


I’ve forgotten, which step is denial ?


I’m way past the 12 step programme, I accepted that there is no way out here anymore :rofl:

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Thank you Burningstone! I’ll be following along this journey. I love the visual layouts of your current system. I’m going to use that one right off the bat. Looking forward to learning much more.

Thanks for the compliments!

If you are talking about the “System Monitor” page, I’m not using this anymore. I currently use this awesome frontend config, because we mostly use the frontend through our phones. I can however share the code for the card with you in case you want to have it or if you are patient enough, I’ll create a more advanced System Monitor page during my Journey (it’s on the to-do list) :slight_smile: