Button colours not appearing on dashboard

hi in started to copy few videos to get hang of it to create my own i have copied it and everything appears on home page correct however none of the buttons have colour i have the buttons and cards mod that it said i needed and the code is

  • type: “custom:button-card”
    template: “card_esh_welcome”
    triggers_update: “input_boolean.minimalist_dropdown”
    ulm_card_esh_welcome_collapse: input_boolean.minimalist_dropdown
    ulm_weather: “weather.home”
    nav: “house”
    icon: “mdi:home”
    name: “House”
    color: “blue”
    nav: “lights”
    icon: “mdi:lightbulb”
    name: “Lights”
    color: “yellow”
    nav: “security”
    icon: “mdi:shield”
    name: Secure
    color: “green”

any help would be appreciated

Please format your code properly so that people are able to help you.

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I assume the entity ids are defined in the template, but you didn’t post it. And please: Don’t post pictures, use the code formatting tool as described in the link above.

ok cheers. didnt realise thats what you was supposed to do.

got a screen shot of part of program i copied but the home screen does not show the colours they are white i have downloaded the button cards etc
this is what i have written can someone tell me where i have gone wrong.

home etc should be in colour
many thanks

Why have you opened a second topic?

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Merged the two topics.

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