Buy a ready2use zigbee2mqtt stick - flashed, antenna mod and printed case

I updated the color table in my first post. Two pictures of the same cases, one with sunlight.

Color E: light blue that glows in the dark.

I updated the color table again. Colors I to M are new.

Made new sticks, available now.

Just want to let you know that you can also add antennas like this one to the stick.

Is the price of the unit a secret or something? Couldn’t find it. ( I understand postage varies, but the actual unit has a price i assume?)

It’s not a secret, but as posts can’t be edited after some time I don’t want to fix it to a certain value. Price could go up or down in future, I don’t know that yet.

Contact me and I will let you know the current price. Hope you can understand.

I like it but I hesitate to ask the price because I think shipping to North America will make the device considerably more expensive than what it’s originally supposed to be (an inexpensive alternative to commercial Zigbee coordinators).

Of course, I probably should ask anyway …

It isn’t only that.
I think the main reason for going to z2m Going local instead of using clouds.

Also you can replace other bridges (ikea, xiaomi, hue, …). Which saves money and space.

New project:

Trying to make something similar with the ESP32 and openmqtthub (for BLE devices like the MiFlora Sensors).
Goal is to make a similar case and to make it as compact as possible.

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I´m a happy owner of one of h4nc units. I can only reccomend it (I live in EU which it would help having shipping cost low). Coverage has been improved in my case a lot due to the antenna mod. I live in a regular flat 105m2 one floor and with a central location for my Pi is giving me coverage in all the house properly. Price is not a bargain but I like a lot Zigbee2mqtt solution as I got rid of all my hubs and depend on external clouds as h4nc has said before. For those lazy guys, which don´t want to mess soldering, it is a nice option definetely

New sticks available.

I ordered and received both a coordinator and a router several weeks ago. Just got around to installing these last night. They both work flawlessly and work very well at extending the range. The soldering was very professionally done and the cases were a perfect fit.

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I have some new sticks available.

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This is the first PCB I designed myself.

If you are interested in an RFLink, this is my second Version.
Will do something similar with OpenMqttGateway. PCBs already ordered.

Also the BLE OMG tracker shown in own of my last posts is now available.


There is another device that I did not mention here yet, because it’s not ha related. But I think it could be interesting.

It’s a modified Apple Airport Express. It’s powered with 5V DC instead of AC. So you can plug it in an USB port of your car. Else you need an Auxilary port in your car.
Airplay in your car.


New devices in the making.


@h4nc I’d love pricing for one of your zigbee devices - could you DM me pricing, inc shipping to the UK? thanks!

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I will probably have to make a new thread for the OMG devices, because this post (like many posts above) is not related to Zigbee2mqtt.

This is my version of the OMG ESP8266 RF.
Hope you like it. Still have to test it, but pcb and case are finished.

New color (will substitute color D), it’s a little more translucent than the one before.