Calculated values in a card - is this templates only?

Hi. I have really tried and done some googling but stuck.

All I wish to do is convert a entity value in a card from Kwh to Wh

So for example how would I do this in say a card?

  - entity: {{ sensor.kitt_energy_added * 1000 }}
    name: Kitt
    show_state: false
  - entity: sensor.pool_current_power
    name: Pool
    show_state: false

You would not do that in a card. With very few exceptions core dashboard cards do not support templates.

Use a template sensor.

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Or you can use a custom card which supports templates.
Like template-entity-row inside Entities card.
Or you can use card-mod if you need to show these values in Glance card (for example).

Maybe :man_shrugging: - but certainly a (very) ugly Title :warning:

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