Camera cards not loading in display mode but displays fine in edit mode

I don’t understand why the camera cards works in edit mode but doesn’t work after I exit edit mode. Any suggestions?

Showing your card code might help.

And the camera configs.

Sure thing, just uploaded the camera config and card config

Please don’t share pictures of text. It is impossible to copy and edit. Share the properly formatted text itself.

The still image url for the cameras works?

Try removing the line image: http:... from the picture entity cards.

Sorry just posting this from my phone remotely and the copy paste function on the ha text editor doesn’t work so I resorted to screenshots.

I’ll give that a try, thanks.


Looks like that works. Seems to load the stream, sometimes it doesn’t load until I click on the stream and load the popup, but still better than before.

Thanks again.

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Try removing camera_view: live too.

- type: picture-entity
  entity: camera.front_camera_main
  show_name: false
  show_state: false