Camera - Send & Save snapshot to mobile device when motion is detected with Conditions. Now with Custom Triggers!

Thanks for this blueprint.
I am able to make the card working

I was trying to make action to send the same notification to Andriod TV with snapshoot image, but I was not successul to display the image. the notification pop-up on the TV with only text messeges.
maybe the file command not correct. i am using the local file camera entity. please advice

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Hello and thank you for this project and I report that everything works :slight_smile: but I am asking for help because I would like to add a button in this diagram, I have a door that opens with an electric strike and I use this diagram as a doorbell that sends me a photo after pressing the doorbell. What I want is to along with the notification, a photo and an open door or don’t open the door button were displayed, can someone help me? Please.

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You will have to check the actionable notification.

Actionable Notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs (

Here are some sample script you can use :

- alias: "Set up variables for the actions"
    # Including an id in the action allows us to identify this script run
    # and not accidentally trigger for other notification actions
    action_open: "{{ 'OPEN_' ~ }}"
    action_close: "{{ 'CLOSE_' ~ }}"
- alias: "Ask to close or open the blinds"
  service: notify.mobile_app_<your_device>
    message: "The blinds are half-open. Do you want to adjust this?"
        - action: "{{ action_open }}"
          title: Open
        - action: "{{ action_close }}"
          title: Close

Basically, you can create a script to open the door and close then use a notification action to trigger these events.

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Yes, I want to add up to 3 Actions to it by default! I gotten it started but took a small pause on it. That is a good option. I also wanted to try unlocking the door as well. I’ll let you know when I have it implemented in this blueprint.

Hmm, ok. I will take a look. I thought it would be the same as they are both Android devices. I’ll look into setting that up as well. I have a Google TV I think I could test on…

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Hi guys! This is exactly what I was looking for, everything seems to be working, the jpgs are being saved into the correct folder, and the old ones are being archived.

The only issue is that the jpgs are all empty files! What am I doing wrong?

hmm, you got a camera feed? Try adding the delay. Mine are saving correctly…,


How could I do to be notified on home application mobile + discord, with little picture in discord notification ?
I use discord intégration and have a bot.
Thanks in advance

I haven’t done any discord notifications…

Should have also said … any sound file used for notification on IOS should be WAV format . Might save some fustration :slight_smile:

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Helly everyone,

maybe I’m missing something but how do I set up the automation to use my notify group?
It is not selectable, only my two mobile apps show up in the device list.

Your blueprint YAML file states:

          integration: mobile_app
          multiple: false

Could this be the reason?

Heya! I think i added support for notification groups! Add you group name in the selector and see if it works as intended. Seems to be working in my testing!

Look into additional action after selector and look into the documentation for discord notifications and see if you can manually set that up.

Any chance you can also add the options to send notifications using Pushover API?

try using the addition actions for custom actions, but I’ll look into it

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Hi, seems working to me as well - I have the need to get camera notification only when I’m not at home - but:

  • I get iOS critical notification even if I selected off
  • I do get the snapshot but only when I open the notification, not as thumbnail into the notification itself

Am I doing something wrong?

I simplified the code for that, see if the new version works for the critical notification. I don’t know how to fix or what is the matter with the thumbnail notification on iOS, I cannot test it, only android devices here…

Looks like I’m getting a syntax error when trying to import the blueprint (both). Recent update cause an issue?

Yep! I corrected a description and omitted an apostrophe! Fixed it, try re-importing now.

Strange, does not work on my side.

As soon as I write the name of the group and leave the selector it changes back to one of the two supported (single) devices.
I think the selector only supports devices of the integration ‘mobile_app’.

My group config is correct?

  - platform: group
    name: ALL_DEVICES
      - service: mobile_app_sp_thomas
      - service: mobile_app_sp_nadine

Never mind… I was just not using the latest version of your Blueprint. Everything works as it should!
Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your help!

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