Can apexcharts-card handle graphing time properly

I am using the second graph to track how long my sprinkler system is running. As you can see the X-Axis is scaling as if the data was for hours and the extremas are doing the same.

type: custom:apexcharts-card
last_updated: true
standard_format: false
show: true
show_states: true
colorize_states: true
title: Sprinkler Runtime
color_threshold: true
graph_span: 7d

  • entity: sensor.sprinkler_on
    as_duration: hour
    extremas: true
    name: Sprinkler Runtime
    type: column
    func: last
    duration: 1d

You are going to have to explain a bit better than that. I see dates on the x-axis, as it should be since you specified a 7 day span. What do you actually want?

Also don’t quote your config. Use the pre-formatted text button </> to format it correctly. Or do this.

My apologize I meant to say y-axis.

It would be preferred if it was converted to minutes and seconds