Can I change color/brightness setting when light is off?


Is it possible to change the brightness and color settings of my Ikea Tradfri light without changing the on/off state? It seems that I can only change color when the light is on.

In the morning I want to change to bright settings without turning the lights on when they are off. When someone turns on the light after a 9 am the light should be bright. And in the evening I want to go to a less bright setting.

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According to this thread you can’t do this: Automatisation: Change light brightness without TURN_ON

there is very few brands offering such devices. Shelly is the only one I know and LIFX the only one I’ve heard of.

Also keep in mind that HA doesn’t support such a functionality at all. to achieve that other non-ha ways have to be used. For instance I command Shelly devices directly through mqtt.