Can I Integrate HA into an existing internal network with DNS, VPN and subdomains

Good day HA community.

I am new to HA, but not new to the whole Linux and networking world and there lies my problem:
I have a rather large home network with two VPNs, three subdomains (one for each location (family networks) and and existing ISC DHCP server and Bind9 as DNS. My local Bind instance is master for local forward and PTR records and slave for the remote sites.

Now I would like to not throw away that setup, but “integrate” HA into it. I was thinking about having HA live in “” and it should manage (DHCP) a VLAN that is used for ESPs and other stuff I only want to interact with HA. That also brings up the point of network interfaces in HA OS:
I already managed to add a secondary NIC (HA running in KVM) and have it access the KVM-bridge and my LAN. But that would mean I would need a third vNIC that potentially would be a VLAN trunk and HA would tap into the VLANs on its own.

Edit: I found the issue with DNS when I tried to deploy the first ESPHome sensor…

So dear community: is that possible at all? What is, and what should I abandon?

Thanks in advance

Use an ip adress for esphome devices.

Like this:
Under wifi:
use_address: <ipaddress>

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And that will make it use the IP for OTA, connection to HA, etc? Nice!

Then I would extend my DNS setup to a new sub-sub-domain to have a unified home for all ESPs, etc.

Although: if someone knows a way to integrate a HA managed VLAN as a subdomain into my setup: even better. (The thing with the various NICs/VLANs I would get sorted. :wink: )

Thanks sender.
I went with this and it works pretty good.

I will still add HA into multiple subnets to have direct access to devices and HA that are isolated from each other (like my ESPs in one dedicated VLAN without WWW access and my “users” in my main VLAN with WWW access).

Still I found one thing: If I put my IP addresses in the secrets.yaml (to have one place to keep all information from my ESPs) the status indicator in the ESPHome Dashboard stays in state offline.
I assume that is die to the Dashboard not loading secrets in, thus not having an IP address.
But all functionality is present: OTA, console, etc…

Use this

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