Can I reformat teh way time is displayed in an entity

I have a number of Tasmota plugs which have energy monitoring. The HA Entities include Total energy use and an entity to show the date/time the energy monitoring started. The default layout for this last entity is 2021-09-24T08:40:52.

I would like to reformat the display in Lovelace to only show the date.

Can anyone help?

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Create a Template Sensor that reformats the Total energy sensor’s time, then display the Template Sensor’s value in the Lovelace UI.

The Template Sensor’s template is simply this:

{{ states('sensor.your_sensor_energy_totalstarttime')[:10] }}

Other than that, the standard set of Lovelace cards don’t provide a way to reformat a sensor’s value. That’s why you need to create a new entity, such as a Template Sensor, to serve as an intermediary.

The only standard Lovelace card that supports templating is the Markdown card. You could use the template I posted above directly within the Markdown card without the need of the Template Sensor.

Thanks Taras, that’s great.

I’d like to know more about formatting options. What is the [:10] in your solution and where might I and out further info?

HaHa I just figured what you did - First 10 characters of output! Is there a way to actually reformat the way the date displays?

You need to convert it to a Unix timestamp and that feed it into timestamp_custom along with the pattern you want.

For example, this:

{{ (states('sensor.your_sensor_energy_totalstarttime') | as_datetime).timestamp() | timestamp_custom('%d/%m/%Y') }}

produces a date format like this: 25/09/2021

You can use this reference to compose the pattern you want.

Perfect - thank you. I also found the Template Tool under Developer Tool - really useful.

Thank you for your help this afternoon.

You’re welcome!

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und wo genau gebe ich diesen Code ein?

It’s explained in the second post of this topic: