Can I run z2m *and* Thread on my SkyConnect

My primary Zigbee setup is Conbee/Deconz.
Last week I received my SkyConnect and I’ve been playing with ZHA but unfortunately it doesn’t play well with a particular Moes TS0601 TRV that I need to integrate, so I’m considering switching to Zigbee2MQTT.
Does anybody know if I can flash z2m on SkyConnect and still get the dual Zigbee/Thread functionality (just in case I ever get a Thread device)?

Did you figure this one out? Keen to try it but couldnt get ZHA working so used Z2M

Yes you can run Thread and z2m at the same time using the SiLabs Multiprotocol Add-On. However I would consider it as “beta”. For example I have to restart z2m a couple of times after rebooting the system to finally get z2m to come up, and you’ll need to use the latest z2m.

Be aware that using the SiLabs Multiprotocol Add-On will automatically change the firmware on the SkyConnect and if you ever want to go back to running ZHA or z2m standalone, you’ll need to reflash the Skyconnect manually.

Once the SkyConnect is running with the Multiprotocol Add-On, the following settings should work:

Do note, I couldn’t get it to work on my setup, where HAOS is running on a Synology VM