Can I use the same card_mod multiple times?

did you try and separate the 2?

you can merge mods (so that answer is yes)


  class: class-header-margin-no-color
  style: |
    .card-header {
      background: {{states('sensor.uv_alert_color_name')}};
      color: {{'var(--text-color-off)' if states('sensor.current_uv_index')|float(0) > 2
               else 'var(--primary-color)'}};

Can also use a separate mod and inject that, or, set a mod in the card_mod_theme. many options at your disposal

but you should really try first and post the results. you will never know until you do anyways.

I have already answered you on that question in another thread more than a week ago. Check your notifications/activities.

In short:
– assume your style(s) depend on some entity;
– some cards support “config.entity” variable;
– if this card does support it too - then replace the entity by “config.entity”;
– then “call” this style as a “secret” or “include”.