Can only connect localy to HA

Hi guys, new to this!
I can connect to HA with this: homeassistant.local

My HA setup:
Using a virtual Box in Windows 11: Windows - Home Assistant (
I have a Bitdefender Firewall in Windows and a Torguard VPN software running in Windows. My PC is then connected to a HW Firewall via Ethernet and then out to the ISP.
I have opened the port 8123 in Torguard setup and if I use the port with any program , I can check if the port is open with an online port checker web interface and that works. So if I stop the program that is using the port, the port checker fails. So for me to use the port 8123 works through the VPN tunnel.

I have tried both the ISP and then the VPN provided IP with the HA port 8123 but I do not reach the HA settings page in my browser. Any suggestions?

In the future: I Would love to connect to my HA trough Google to be able to edit HA trough the Cloud. (Is there a guide?)

Thanks for all your help!

I don’t think the port 8123 is “open” by HA…or is it?
I found this on wiki, good explanation:
The terms “open” and “closed” can sometimes be misleading, though; it blurs the distinction between a given port being reachable (unfiltered) and whether there is an application actually listening on that port. Technically, a given port being “open” (in this context, reachable) is not enough for a communication channel to be established. There needs to be an application (service) listening on that port, accepting the incoming packets and processing them. If there is no application listening on a port, incoming packets to that port will simply be rejected by the computer’s operating system.

Try Nabu Casa

But that is a paid service, right? I would love to try without it first.
Thanks for your reply

Then you could use some of these:

I found one issue: My box did not have the same net as Windows, so they did not talk to each other. The solution was to configure an external mac in Hyper-V, then assign a IP to that mac in router, then restart it all. Now they are in the same IP-sphere. Can now reach the HA from within my LAN:)
Next step will be to check if I can find a secure solution to reach my HA from outside my LAN.