Can sonoff 433 rf bridge control any 433 rf device as mqtt?

I’m considering to buy sonoff 433 bridge for 433 motion sensors.
I know sonoff has motion sensor, but it’s too big and ugly to my purpose.

I watched ‘

Can I flash rf bridge with tasmota like in this vedio and
connect other 433 rf motion sensors like KERUI P817(, KERUI P829( in the same way?

I assume it’s possible but can not sure about it.
Please, let me know is it work or is there better way to connect motion sensors.

I would like to do the same too, receive RF signals in Sonoff RF Bridge and trigger automations. Thinking of purchasing a couple of these KERUI P819 433Mhz Wireless Motion Sensors to trigger the bathroom lights and exhaust fan.


Hi. did you buy these P819 sensors? And how did you connect them to Home Assistant?

I am trying with an RFXTRX bridge. I can see the device but cannot get is to work.

Hi Conradh,

Yes, I bought the sensors. Two of them.
I’m not using them right now but I tried them to trigger sonoff(non RF) switches through mqtt and they worked perfectly!!
I’m using Sonoff RF Bridge to get the RF signal. As soon as RF Bridge receives the code (F92581) from motion sensor it sends a mqtt message to HA and an automation is triggered.

I made the binary sensor with this entry in binary_sensors.yaml

- platform: mqtt
  state_topic: "tele/RF_Bridge/RESULT"
  value_template: '{{value_json.RfReceived.Data}}'
  payload_on: 'F92581'
  payload_off: 'F92581off'
  name: "Button_B"
  alias: "Button_B"
  off_delay: 1

And triggered it with this automation:

- id: BathroomLights_RF_Switch
  alias: "Bathroom Lights RF Switch"
    platform: state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.Button_A
    to: 'on'
   - service: switch.toggle
      entity_id: switch.bathroom_lights

Hope it helped.


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Thank you. This is helpful. I will order a RF bridge.

One more thing, the RF bridge is running tasmota firmware.

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I’m also using the Sonoff RF bridge flashed with Tasmota software. I’m using a number of different RF sensor (motion detectors and door switches), as well as receiving the signals from a 433MHz wireless doorbell switch.

You might also look at this other thread: Integrating RF devices with sonoff rf bridge on Tasmota Firmware

If of interest, I’m using a bunch of these wireless sensors: and The door sensor is nice as it transmits both OPEN and CLOSED codes.

Thanks. As soon as I will have the RF device I will flash the Tasmota firmware.
Maybe I need to come back for help with the communication.

I like what you’ve done there, matching the payload code that’s extracted with the value_template. But don’t you get a bunch of warning messages in the log for stuff published to that topic where neither the on or off payload matches? I think this code:

    else:  # Payload is not for this entity
        _LOGGER.warning('No matching payload found'
                        ' for entity: %s with state_topic: %s',

is going to puke out a warning (which I think is a bug, not a feature…)

As long they send a on command and a off command and they are 433mhz sonoff 433 should pick it with tasmota on it

Go for it Just Flash mine with tasmota its alsum so easy to add the Sensor to HA

only problem I had was these ones

only sends the on ( im leaking LOL) command
but have a script That flasher the the room lights until I reset set it.

so make shore that what every you get send a ON/OFF or Open/Closed command it make wasy to work with in HA