Can you not change hvac mode for multiple climate entities?

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I have not been able to get this to work consistently. I have the following as an action, and it doesn’t do anything. I even tried removing 1 entity_id and still no go.

- service: climate.set_temperature
      - climate.trane_corporation_model_tcont624as42daa_mode_2
      - climate.trane_corporation_model_tcont624as42daa_mode
    target_temp_high: 78
    target_temp_low: 60
    hvac_mode: heat_cool

As far as I can see, that configuration is consistent with the documentation.

Are you certain the issue isn’t over on the Z-Wave side?
Can you reliably communicate with the device?

I’ve ran into this issue, you can’t set the temps and the mode at the same time.
Set your heat_cool first, then a 2nd call to provide the temps.


Shall I open a WTH or do you want the honor? Having to call climate.set_temperature more than once is as awkward as if you had to call light.turn_on multiple times, first to turn the light on, then set its brightness, then set its color, etc.

Yup ZWave Thermostat works perfectly. I have always attributed this to the zwave device not taking all these commands at the same time, but this was my assumption mainly due to not testing this on other types of entities (i.e. lights).

Feel free, I have a lot going on right now and won’t be able to post anything coherent for a few hours.

Yup this is what I ended up doing last night as a workaround, while adding some delays inbetween. Seems that hvac_mode can’t be done with multiple climate entities either. So I had to create 2 actions for set_hvac_mode with a delay inbetween. Then I was able to send a set_temperature for both entities and that is how i got this to work.

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Completely agree! It is a WTH moment! I can post it or you can do the honors, I don’t mind. I can’t remember what the process is for the WTH. lol

Sorry didn’t see it was directed at @firstof9 :slight_smile:. Either case do it!


That literally goes against what is written in the documentation there…

Is this just a case of unimplemented functionality in zwave/ozw? Compare the implementation of the ZHA climate set_temperature to zwave and ozw. ZHA handles the hvac_mode service attribute, while all zwave and ozw do is modify the setpoints.

If this is the case, then wouldn’t the climate.set_hvac_mode service call not work at all for zwave climate entities?

@freshcoast is pointing out that in the set_temperature function that HVAC mode isn’t considered compared to ZHA. Specifically this line:

In the ozw/zwave implimentation no such statement exists, very fixable.


and merged :slight_smile:

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