Can't get GoSungrow to work

I got to the point where I can start GoSungrow by MickMake on a Raspberry Pi4B-4GB board but while it is running, nothing seems to happen. Specifically, I can’t see any dashboard that are showcased, and I have seen several references to running commands but I cannot find a place where I can run those commands - I tried in a terminal windows on the Raspberry Pi4, but the list of commands is very restrictive there.

Can someone put me on the right track or let me know if more info/screenshots are required to understand my issue?

I am a beginner in Home Assistant and I think I have a similar problem.
After installing the GoSunGrow integration I end up with dozens of data to choose from, but many seem to be repeated as many as 4 or 5 times but some contain zero value while others have data (even though the description is the same).

I attach a screenshot that I hope explains more clearly what I mean

I see there was an Italian user available and hope to get support.

Thank you

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