Can't get Xiaomi Mi Robot working - Invalid token

I’m using for the first time and I’m trying to get Mi Robot working.
When I try to get the token I get a 96 char key which is not permitted. I’m trying with the iBackup+SQLite method.

I noticed I can use `mirobo discover --handshake 1’ but I don’t know how to lunch the command using

Any ideas?


Yeah 96 characters is way to much. This is my old token 32336170646c4933556e547830324e6b

Though I used the android backup method so I can’t help with the iPhone method :confused:

Check this possibility here:


seems this is the right way! Thanks!! I can I do this with

It’s easier to use a python3 + pycrypto installation. The next python-mirobo version will provide a tool called “miio-extract-tokens”:


this is great! So, it’s only a matter of time! thanks