Can't install or run HA

I’ve been trying to get HA running on an
Acer revo 3600
(x86_64 dual-core 1.6 GHz, 2gb ram, 150gb hdd) for 3 days.
HA OS does not work because there is no uefi. So I tried it with Debian11 (default without Gui). And I finally gave up because I’m not very familiar with Linux.
Since I want to waste as few resources as possible, I would like to do without a VM.
I also don’t understand why there is no image that doesn’t work without uefi or Debian including HA installed.
Since it is apparently not possible for me with my beginner knowledge to get Debian running with network / internet to install HA.
If someone here has a simple and resource-saving way to install HA, I’ll be happy to try it, otherwise I’ll have to switch to another software that might be easier. Unfortunately, my English isn’t the best either.

After several attempts I found the solution to my problem.
I just installed the required deb.
After a restart I configured the network manager, after which HA-supervise was installed successfully and is now running.

Others may have a different opinion - but I would think a Linux install is the only way to go with that hardware.

The one that will probably cause the least pain long-term is HAOS on a VM, the install is relatively simple.

With only 2GB or RAM though HA Supervised is probably going to run the best and you don’t sound confident enough to attempt that.

Otherwise - buy a Raspberry Pi and a good quality SD card (or better still a SSD) and install on that. Low power consumption, quiet and unobtrusive.

can you give more details how you managed to installed it on REVO3600 please ? i want to install it as a temporary solution until rasp4 is available to order