Can't login from a domain address

I have got a domain ( and using a subdomain ( pointing to a CNAME record of my Synology DDNS ( Then in Synology reverse proxy I have ( pointing to (HA IP address:8123).
A Let’s Encrypt certificate for is install in my Synology DS.

I can access the HA login page. But when I type my password, it say connecting and then revert to the login page again. I can confirm it works when I type in the IP of my HA.

have you seen this…

Also if you have a cert for it wont show as secure for you will need a separate cert

SSL always connects on port 443. I don’t use a Synology, but for me to get it to work I had to forward external port 443 to port 8123 on my RasPi. Maybe that’s part of the problem?
Also, try using ‘’. I find you have to explicitly add the https part.

Sorry I forgot to mention my HA is installed on a Pi and the Synology DS is only used for DDNS and reverse proxy

My cert include all the subdomains

have you checked in your browser dev tools. if your using chrome
menu> more tools> Developer tools. would be interesting to see whats on the console tab

Just looked at the console. I think it’s as you have shown earlier, websocket are not redirected in Synology reverse proxy setup

Though so but at least that confirms it. Good luck setting it up

It works ok now with the changes in Synology Diskstation!
Thanks all for your help!

Funny cos mine works on 8123.