Can't make iOS devices available

I don`t see a way to make my iOS Devices available, for e.g. notifications.
After installation of HA App on the device, it does not appear in notifications.
On the other Hand, also no devices appear in HA itself.
In the log i found this:
2018-11-05 22:20:20 ERROR (SyncWorker_14) [homeassistant.components.notify.ios] The notify.ios platform was loaded but no devices exist! Please check the documentation at for more information
But i don’t understand, how to fix this issue.
iOS, is enabled

THX Carsten

you have:


in config yaml?

And you have the iOS beta app loaded on iDevice and logged in?

Yes, i have the iOS: in config
Beta App ?
From the APP Store, Version 1.1.1

Try the beta app.

OK, found, installed.
Here i can see the following:
On the Status of HA:
iOS-Component loaded -> X means no
Device Tracker Component loaded -> X means no
iOS Notifications loaded -> X means no

But how can i make them loaded ?

Mine are loaded and just display an x.

Scroll down and check the settings. Be sure to enter the notification settings and push the update button.

first time you auth they will all show as ceosses. Force close the app and then restart it and they will all have ticks.

In the Beta app, everything is active and allowed.
But at HA itself, i don’t see any iOS device, also no notify.ios…
What i am doing wrong ?
I really like to have the notifications feature

did you add:


to config yaml?

was active.
Anyhow, now it is working.
without changing from myside :slight_smile:

This did it for me. Thank you!

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