Can't register a lovelace card

Maybe I’m a idiot, but I’m following Registering Resources | Home Assistant Developer Docs trying to register the Niels Fabers schedulers card. But whatever I’m trying, I didn’t see a page. I have switched on advanced mode. What is going wrong here?

After a lot of trial and error it suddenly worked. What I’ve done right I don’t know, but one thing is that lovelace mode was on yaml in the configuration.yaml.

Hi Alex, I face the same problem. What I have done so far ist download the two repositories, scheduler component and scheduler card. Load the integration Scheduler componenent. Then, the scheduler-card.js can be found in the correct folder. But trying to install a scheduler card does not work.
Here is my ui_lovelace code for the scheduler card:

  • title: Zeitplan
    icon: mdi:chart-line
    background: rgb(220,220,220)
    • type: custom:scheduler-card



Can you comment on this?

Pleas post code based on the community standards. Post #11 here.